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Yvonne was born on the 25th of August 1970 at Naarden Hospital, The Netherlands. She is the fifth child of an Accountant and a homemaker. The first four years, she grew up in Weesp, a small picturesque town near Amsterdam. Just before she turned five, her parents decided to relocate their growing family. Yvonne and her three sisters and two brothers moved with them to the rural village of Doorn in the province of Utrecht.



Creativity has been Yvonne's strength from an early age. As a young child, she would escape into her drawings, stories or express her feelings in music.  If it wasn't for the struggle to come to terms with Dyslexia, she would have pursued a career in Journalism.


"There was nothing wrong with my memory, in fact, I found different ways to get by. My ingenuity may well have hidden the disability from my teachers and therefore remained unnoticed."


The then unrecognised learning disability obstructed Yvonne's education. She had been advised to follow a course which excluded languages.  Despite the official recommendation, she still chose to study Dutch, French, German and English.


"My dream was to make music, to write songs, stories and draw. I didn't need maths or science for that."


Dyslexia was not the only obstacle she had to deal with. Growing up in the seventies and eighties there was no internet to consult. Neither did the local library stock up on self-help books for those with a well-developed sixth-sense. Questioning her own sanity, Yvonne learned the hard way that not everybody sees The Grey Ones, The Shady ones or those who live in Shadow.


Yvonne moved to the UK at the age of twenty-one, hoping to start anew and escape the persistent pull of the Paranormal. 


Wanting to take on a tranquil, mundane life, she held a multitude of jobs in varying positions. From Clerk to Manager, Employed and Self-employed. She ploughed herself up in the world of Charity, Fashion, Transport, Events, Craft Markets, Therapy and Security. There were many successful jobs to choose from and to make her own if it wasn’t for this one position. A vacancy in a field of expertise she at first didn’t want to accept: The Occult.


"I had to do something about it, as it just followed me. I was scared of my premonitions...because I didn't understand. Like Alastair Crowley, I felt I had to travel the world to learn, to find answers, but...in London? The world came to me."


 The Grey Ones is Yvonne's debut book. The first serving of the Path of the Maiden series. It is a memoir/biography with a dash of self-help. The True Story has been written in the style of fiction.

"I wanted to take away the fear of the 'unknown' and had written a self-help book. Then I changed my mind... I wanted people to understand and feel what I felt and see what I saw. I have re-written the entire volume to read like a fiction book. Now the reader can experience the paranormal by being me...."

Yvonne has lived and worked in the UK for twenty-six years. She recently relocated with her British Husband and three children to the lovely village of Stiphout in the Netherlands.



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