A Book Blogger put into the Lime light!


This is a Blog where the owner Kelly van Damme shares her passion for books. Although Kelly reads a variety of different genres, her passion lies around psychological thrillers. She does read other genres, she certainly would not shy back from reading YA, horror, fantasy and light-sci-fi.

On her site, there was no mention about the Paranormal but she had left the door open by her remark that she would read outside of her comfort-zone ‘once in a while.’ This was the cue for me to put on my naughty boots. I asked Kelly to read my YA cross-over, a true story about the Paranormal. It wasn’t because I wanted to put Kelly to the test but I needed to put myself to the test.

The group of Beta-readers who have supported me over the last few years, all have a genuine interest in the Paranormal. I wanted a fresh pair of eyes to go over my work and to my delight, Kelly agreed. She didn’t disappoint me.

This Book Blogger states on her site that she writes from the heart and that her reviews are, in her own words, not ‘epic stories’. They are indeed concise and to the point.

Kelly’s approach, I have to say, has been very professional.

She kick-started the Blog Tour of my debut book ‘The Grey Ones’ bang on time. Her connections and close relationship with other book bloggers created a wave of retweets. I think this is any author’s dream, especially a first time self-published author like my-self.

What did I like the best out of her review?

To be honest, it was her response to another Book Blogger when this person remarked:

“This might be too dark for me… I would be too scared to read it.”

Kelly’s response brought a smile to my face:

“It was not that dark, actually. I think because of Yvonne’s very Dutch attitude, you know, very no nonsense.”

And that one-liner summed up the approach I took on my book. A no-nonsense true Paranormal story.

The highlight of the review itself?

After Kelly explained her sceptical position towards the Paranormal, she stated as follows:

“I found this novel strangely addictive. I always wanted to know what was around the corner. It also has some paranormal theories, intel on palm-reading and tarot and other fun stuff, so it definitely knew how to capture and hold my attention.”

I want to thank Kelly for taking part in my Blog Tour. I can highly recommend this Book Blogger for consideration to take part in your Blog Tour or request her to do an honest review of your Book-baby.

Kelly is rapidly growing in popularity and like many Book-Bloggers may be overwhelmed by big outfits such as Netgalley who absorb most of her time. So approach this reviewer on time and don’t leave it to the last moment.

You can find Kelly van Damme on:

Twitter: @kellyvandamme

Blog site: www.frombelgiumwithbooklove.com

Her review of my book: www.frombelgiumwithbooklove.com/the-grey-ones-book-1-of-the-path-of-the-maiden-series-by-yvonne-j-smit-yvonnejsmit-bookreview

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