In the Spotlight: The Dutch Book Blogger, Narratess!


Narratess is a Dutch Blogger site ran by Tessa and Raven, a team of writers who concentrate on anything writing or book related. The main feature is their book reviews but amongst the entertaining posts, you can also find some useful writing tips.

Another passion you will discover is their love for fountain pens. A quirky Husband and Wife gift habit which became a hobby. I encourage you to have a look at what is on offer because they have sourced some amazing writing utensils and they know what they are talking about!

I approached Tessa a couple of months ago to enquire if she would be interested to take part of my Blog Tour for my debut book The Grey Ones. Tessa’s taste in books leans heavy towards Fantasy. However, I discovered, she also enjoys reading the Paranormal genre.

I was over the moon when Tessa agreed to join my Blog Tour, especially knowing that she is working on launching her own book of short stories as well as having to deal with debilitating health issues.

My book is a cross-over paranormal memoir, a true story which reads like a fiction book and takes place between The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Tessa grew up not far from where I used to live in the Netherlands and this gave her the added bonus to connect with the book. In her review she stated:

“Yvonne talks about her childhood in Weesp and other places in the Netherlands. I live close to Weesp and have been to the places she mentions. The shop names are familiar, school situations are familiar, even the ideas and attitudes of the elder generation are things I’m familiar with and recognize. It’s weird and comforting at the same time. Weird because I’m twenty years younger than Yvonne and comforting because I can relate so well.”

Tessa’s review style is to the point, she gives her honest opinion and works from a sensory perspective “I feel.” In other words, she writes from the heart. This also means she will place herself in the shoes of possible future readers and will warn other potential readers not to get involved in a certain genre if she suspects a subject requires a particular mind set. This also works vice versa, if Tessa dislikes a book, she will highlight why other readers may enjoy the tale.

I highly recommend following Tessa and her site Narratess. Do request her for a review of your upcoming book. However, know that you need to ask her way in advance. She has her own book-launch commitments and at present cannot work with set deadlines as is required in Blog Tours.

You can find Tessa and her site Narratess as follows:


Twitter: @Narratess

Tessa, the Author you can find on Goodreads:

Narratess review of The Grey Ones:

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