A Bright rising Star amongst Book Bloggers!


The name of this book blogger site caught my eye. How can it not? What a great name as it truly describes the owner of this page. Sarah Jones loves books and reads every second she can squeeze in. This Scottish mum of two young children is a master in time management!


I admire Sarah’s partner. From Twitter updates, we learn it is this lovely person who comes to the rescue when Sarah does get lost in the land of books. Without her support, Sarah is at risk of her bath water to freeze over because of the ‘just one more chapter’ moment or dinner gets served at midnight.

I think this gives a good impression of Sarah’s passion for books and her enthusiasm which is reflected in how she approaches her reviews.

Sarah’s favourite genre is: Crime, Psychological thrillers and Romance. Completely different from the genre I read or write. Looking for Book reviewers who are willing to read out of their comfort zone, I contacted Sarah who was willing to give my book, The Grey Ones, a go.

My book is a true paranormal story, a memoir which reads like a fiction book. Although Sarah has always been curious about this world, it wasn’t something she would choose to read when looking for the next story to get lost in.

When Sarah reviews, she will remark on the ease of reading a book which I personally find very important. I think we all have read books where we had to re-read chapters because of the author’s choice of words or long complicated sentences. It highlights the difference between a relaxing read and a wordy book you need to prepare yourself for.

Something else which stands out when Sarah reviews books, she comments on how the story made her feel and isn’t this what we write for?

“My heart went out to Yvonne as a child to scared to speak out about The Grey ones she could see, scared that her family would think she also had schizophrenia, she kept the information to herself.”

Sarah has recently moved her book blogger site to WordPress and is building up her following.

I can highly recommend Sarah to do your book review or take part in your Blog Tour. What every author finds important is punctuality, and honouring the commitments made, which shows genuine respect for your work. Sarah can offer you all this.

Like most Book Bloggers, this lovely book addict rapidly fills up her time, so do approach her months in advance to get you booked in.

You can find Sarah and her site Lost in the Land of Books as follows:

Website: www.lostinthelandofbooks.home.blog

Twitter: @lostinthelando1

Her review of The Grey Ones: www.lostinthelandofbooks.home.blog/2019/03/20/the-grey-ones-yvonne-j-smit

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