Putting the Book Blogger KT Robson on a pedestal!

K T Robson, reviews and random ramblings

Out of all the Book Bloggers who joined my Blog Tour, Katie shares another passion of mine… Cats!

This ‘crazy cat lady’ stood out when I searched for book reviewers because of her style of writing. It oozes of the page and is sprinkled with enthusiasm and in places a good dash of humour. These traits especially shine through in Katie’s Book Hopper Posts!

When I read Katie’s book reviews, I can truly imagine her voice and it is a convincing one. Maybe this should not come as a surprise as this Book Blogger is also an aspiring author herself.

While browsing through her book reviews, I soon found out, Katie loves YA, a good Fantasy or Urban Fantasy and has an interest in the Paranormal ranging from Hauntings and Ghosts to Angels, Wicca and general Paganism and... she loves True stories too!

With so many things in common, how could I not ask Katie to join my Blog Tour! The enthusiasm sparked and Katie agreed. It didn’t take her long to finish my book. Her approach to doing reviews is done with great care and professionalism. This stems from her experiences as a Beta-reader as well as the knowledge of how daunting the process of launching your first book can be.

The style of the reviews is to the point. In a few sentences, Katie works her magic to capture the essence of a book. Any Author knows this is a rare talent. How do we know? Because we have to write a synopsis for our book and in general it isn’t our most favourite part of the writing process!

“The book follows young Mae as she peppers her Mother with questions about the Occult, the subject matter ranging from experiences with the ‘Grey Ones’, tarot cards, visions of the future, and so much more. In answering her daughter’s questions, Yvonne sifts through tales of her youth, describing what it was like as a child to have such close interactions with items of the Occult, and telling how she came to terms with it and learned more about her gifts.” -KT Robson

I can highly recommend for you to follow KT Robson’s Blog and as a Book reviewer. Like most book Bloggers, Katie also reviews for large outfits, so get in touch early, a couple of months in advance of your book launch date.

You can find Katie and her site K T Robson reviews and random ramblings as follows:

Website: www.ktrobson.home.blog

Twitter: @KT_Robson

Her review of The Grey Ones: www.ktrobson.home.blog/2019/03/21/the-grey-ones-by-yvonne-j-smit-blog-tour

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