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Creative is an understatement when it comes to the owner of this Book Blog: ‘Your words my Ink’.

Bianca is a student in Advanced Corporate communications and an aspiring author who doesn’t just read and posts a review. She creates an ambience. Her site displays stunning photos of the books she reviews. They are placed in a decorative setting. For Bianca to create these book scenes which she shares on Instagram, you have to send her a print copy of your work. However, make sure you post the book at least three months in advance. Bianca lives in South Africa and the mail there has a tendency to go on Safari.

When I stumbled upon Bianca’s Book Blog, I was well impressed. Everything has been set out in an amazing format. Each book review starts with a summary. The Book Title, Author, Format, Publisher etc. This is followed by the Goodreads description of the book.

The review itself is divided into several sections with large headings. This way you are clearly warned that Bianca will share some spoilers with you and you can decide to scroll past it or be like me… read it and pretend you didn’t.

Last special feature on the review page, this Book Blogger gives you the opportunity to chat with her about the book.

The style of the review itself is in-depth, exciting and dead honest. Bianca doesn’t beat around the bush and will highlight the good with the bad. She doesn’t hide her honest approach and warns you in advance. She clearly states on her site why she doesn’t hesitate to give negative reviews.

Scary? Yes, I think it will make you think twice to ask this lovely book blogger to do a review because I suspect that many first time Authors are a little insecure and have to deal with this rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to handing over their book babies. My advice? Please read the reason why Bianca will give out a negative book review. Understanding is the key and she isn’t out to kill your baby for the fun of it. What it will do, if your book gets a good review from her, it means something!

With this thought in mind, I contacted Bianca and asked her if she would like to take part in my Blog Tour for The Grey Ones. Bianca’s taste in books is mainly YA (Young Adult) or NA (New Adult). The genres are varied; Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and Thrillers. She also has genres she dislikes, so don’t knock on her door with Autobiographies, Non-Fiction, Horror or Religious books.

My book is a cross-over genre and officially falls under Non-Fiction. Memoirs are not Bianca’s thing either but I explained mine was written in the style of a fiction book, a true paranormal story aimed at YA as well as the adult market. It worked in my favour that Bianca has an interest in the paranormal and she gave my book a chance and I am glad she did. Her review shows why it worked and emphasised the reason why I asked her:

‘I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. I was immediately pulled into the book by Yvonne’s writing style. Her writing is easy to read and follow, and the interactions between her and her family are beautifully written and come across as so real and genuine. This is not my usual genre, it’s a cross between memoir and YA, but it works. It reads like a storybook, and that’s what makes it so interesting. The Grey Ones is definitely in a class of its own.’

Because of her communications studies, Bianca has a great grasp of the English language and has an eye for finding grammatical errors and typos. She will not hesitate to tell you that there are some of these problems still present in your book.

Being Dyslexic myself, I depend on other people to check my work. As my book isn’t released until the 4th of April, her warning gave me the chance to iron out the few little mishaps.

If you are looking for a valuable, in-depth review of your book, do contact Bianca. I personally found it important to have a good varied number of people representing my tour from different parts of the world and Bianca is a credit to South Africa, she is brilliant!

You can find Bianca and her site Your words my Ink as follows:


Twitter: @yourwordsmyink

Her review of The Grey Ones:​

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